Disgraceful Comments from Sangamon County Chair Long

Here are the comments from Sangamon County Republican Chair Rosemarie Long to Bernie Schoenburg of the Springfield Journal-Register

Rosemarie Long, who chairs the Sangamon County GOP, said she was “very upset” that Harold would challenge Davis in the primary.

“I always thought that she was an upcoming star for the Republican Party,” Long said. “But not this way. … I will throw Sangamon County definitely behind Rodney. … I think she definitely has hurt her career by doing this.”

This is the same party boss who cast her county’s weighted votes for Rodney Davis over Erika Harold in May of 2012, elevating him to Congress in a closed door, back room vote. Now Long says “I will throw Sangamon County definitely behind Rodney.” Sorry Ms. Long, you did that once when this was an appointment. Now it is a Republican primary vote and the Republican Party primary voters of Sangamon County are hungry to have the opportunity to actually vote for the candidate of their choice. I suspect the first thing they will do is reverse the backroom choice of Davis and the second thing they will do, thru their duly elected Precinct Committeemen, is boot you out as Party Chair in April of 2014.

You see, Ms. Long, you can be a rising star by standing up to the party bosses and insiders, not “waiting your turn” as you would have Erika do. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took out Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. Mike Lee (R-UT) defeated Senator Bob Bennett. Marco Rubio (R-FL) beat Charlie Crist. It is a sign of political courage and conviction to make a race like this.

Read the whole story: http://www.sj-r.com/breaking/x863240959/Ex-Miss-America-announces-run-for-Congress-against-Rodney-Davis#ixzz2VJMU5SR5

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